If you wish to have a clean house with minimum effort, here are some tricks to have a sparkling clean house.

  1. Top to Bottom
    Gravity works in house cleaning too. You should always be cleaning every room in your house in top-to-bottom fashion so that you can wipe away crumbs and dust that makes their way to the floor, which can be cleaned at the end.
  2. Multi-task
    You can save a lot of time and effort by multitasking during the cleaning process. For example, soaking dirty dishes in soap water while cleaning the kitchen counters. Similarly, pour the cleaners in the bathroom and move on. One of the best ways to multitask cleaning is to start by doing a load of laundry and then moving to the rest of the house.
  3. Organization
    Start the cleaning by making out a plan, prioritizing your cleaning and getting all your cleaning equipment at a single place. You can make a plan to clean an entire room together before moving to the next room. This will give you a clear view of how much cleaning is done and how much is remaining. You can also set the time to clean a single room or the entire house and stick to it.
  4. Use the right tools for the job
    Using the right cleaning tools and specific cleansers can make your cleaning job much easier and less time-consuming.
  5. Have Fun With It
    This is the most important tip for cleaning your house. Enjoy your cleaning time by setting your favourite upbeat playlist and singing along. You can involve your kids in cleaning by making a game out of it.

Using these easy house cleaning tips will enable you to spend less time cleaning your home and more time enjoying the sweet fruits of your hard work.

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