Planning to create a checklist of items for quick and easy cleaning of your home? Here is the list of essentials-

1.     Reusable Microfiber cloth

These cloths attract dust and dirt and grip them within. Thus you need to wipe the surface only once for getting a clean and dust free surface. You should have two fine woven microfiber cloths for cleaning glass and shiny surfaces and about three large loop cloths for dusting and cleaning general surfaces.

2.     Sponge

These are available in a variety of types that can be used for specific purposes. You should essentially have an Abrasive-Cellulose Sponge for cleaning cookware, everyday spills or dishes; Dry sponge for cleaning pet hairs, carpets and fabric curtains; wire sponge for cleaning metal pots and grills; and Magic Erasers for cleaning dust and residue off the electronics and crayons and pencil marks off walls.

3.     Stick vacuum

A skinny stick vacuum costs less than $20 and is easy to use and store. It cleans floors and rugs thus saving you from the job of sweeping and collecting dirt, crumbs, and hair.

4.     Squeegee

It is generally used for cleaning windows but it has a variety of other uses too like for cleaning your glass shower doors, car, or for getting pet hair out of the carpet.

5.     Scrub brush and old toothbrush

Sponge or cloth cannot always remove the spills and stains (especially dried stains). You should have a bristle scrub for using on tough stains. You can use one of your old toothbrushes when you need to clean some nooks and crannies in your house like sink rims, grout, etc. Disinfect some old toothbrush and keep it as one of your most essential cleaning tools.

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