Experts in importing and export fresh fruits, Fruit Guys are the solution to your weekly fruit supplies for a healthy lifestyle with fuss-free, easy delivery for your choices.

Think of Fruit Guys as the farmers market that delivers fruits to your doorstep. Order the freshest produce to keep your team energized with healthy snacking. We deliver fresh and delicious fruits all year round. Eating healthy just got easier!

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How it works


Aimed at making your life healthier and tastier, you can order your fruits to suit your requirements by simply ordering online or placing your order on a call.

Personalising delivery:

Love apples but not bananas? Kiwis but no mandarins? Don’t worry! You can set up your account to convey your likes and dislikes and be assured that you will get what you love! If a certain item is unavailable due to circumstances, it will be replaced with something equally fresh!

Regular deliveries:

You can schedule when you want your box to be delivered during registration and it will be followed. If you want to put the deliveries on hold or cancel it, that is easy too.


Get a wide range of variety without having to push your trolley through the aisles of supermarkets!

Safe food:

Operated under a fully audited food safety program, all the suppliers are approved by the FSP. This ensures the product you receive and consume meets the highest quality of standards.


Boxes used are made out of mostly recyclable material and these boxes are re-used, if in proper condition. You can leave them out after they are empty and it will be picked up on the next delivery.

Local Produce:

The aim is to provide you with locally grown produce, but due to the New Zealand climate growing fruits like bananas, mangoes, papaya and pineapples are hard. But to make sure you do not miss out on the goodness of these fruits, we include imported produce from time to time.


The boxes are delivered in the afternoon from Tuesday to Friday, Auckland wide.

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