Talk to us about custom design packages for your office cleaning.

Need a devoted and professional commercial or office cleaning partner at work?

Is your Office looking a little too ‘industrial chic’? Are you and your staff wasting valuable time cleaning or being unhappy with unclean work spaces?

Or your current office cleaning services are not meeting your overall objectives.

We can help with our custom design office cleaning packages to create a space. Its all start from a consultative meeting to identify your goals and then deliver a valuable proposition.

We can save you valuable time and money. We are a managed service company, so you can expect consistent results and free service where we have failed to deliver.

No long term contracts thus you can try and leave, if we are not the right fit. (High client retention is our forte)

Whether you need a regular office cleaning, one-off clean or a weekly visit, the Service King team specialises in small business commercial office cleaning. We’ve been your local service provider for over 20 years throughout Auckland, so we’re experienced and fast.

We can clean your floors and surfaces, powder room services, empty your rubbish bins and even clean your windows. Give our team a call today and we’ll help you creating your office place into space by create a custom commercial cleaning plan, tailored to your specific needs. Not only that, you’ll liaise with one person, saving you time and money.

We offer a convenient one stop service partnership for all your needs. Seven-day service mean we are there when you need us most.

We are hands on people & we make things happen, so you just must try it!!

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A clean office is a happy, healthy office

Let us free you up to focus on what you do best

Never quite get around to cleaning your office? Leave it to us. Our Auckland team of highly-trained professionals is efficient, thorough and believes in a clean working environment for the health and productivity of your staff. We genuinely care about your business success, which is why we’re here to create a clear, clean workspace for your team to thrive.

Save time and money with Service King. You’ll only ever deal with one of our specialists and we’ll tailor a cleaning plan to meet your needs. Together we’ll create a schedule and checklist that works for you, then we’ll take care of the rest.

At Service King, we know it’s important to look after our environment. That’s why we use enzyme-based, non-toxic cleaning products to effectively disinfect, giving you peace of mind. We can also take care of your recycling and work with you to maximise your office recycling processes.

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