Carpet Cleaning

Regular, carpet cleaning not only keeps your carpet smelling fresh and looking like new, it actually extends the life of your carpet. The reason for this is grime and dust particles beyond the reach of your domestic vacuum cleaner can over time cut at the pile increasing the rate of wear and tear.

Regularly clean your carpets is also far better for the health of you, your family & pets too. That’s because only professional carpet cleaning can get down into the pile deep enough to effectively flush out and suck up dust mites, their eggs and their droppings – the major cause asthma attacks and other allergic reactions. At the same time other pollutants and / or health risks lurking in the pile are removed.

Carpet cleaning New Zealand with Service King, you have the reassurance of knowing that our specially formulated cleaning agents are eco-friendly and fully approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries. Our cleaning agents are great deodorisers, too!

All our cleaning technicians are fully trained in all aspects of using our proven effective proprietary steam cleaning equipment. We have a specialised team to service Flotex Carpets.

Service King offers thorough and real kiwi carpet cleaning process…

  • We Pre-clean your carpets using a commercial vacuum cleaner with Hepa filters to prevent dust and pollutants such as dust mite droppings escaping into the environment.
  • During pre-cleaning we identify any stains or marks for stain treatment.
  • The highly specialised carpet cleaning equipment we use takes just 11 seconds to super heat cold water turning it into jets of steam that forces our proprietary eco-friendly cleaning agents deep into the pile flushing out dirt, grime, pet hair, skin particles, dust mites, etc.
  • A millisecond later powerful suction draws up grime, etc together with any cleaning preparation and moisture. As soon as the cleaning head has passed over the carpet it is virtually dry with no sticky feeling.

Some answers to questions we’re typically asked:

Q: Will regular professional cleaning shrink my carpet?

A: No. The time between steam going into the pile and being removed by suction is so short the carpet literally hasn’t time to get wet enough to cause any shrinkage. Our advice is to steer clear of professional or hire equipment that leaves a carpet more than just a little damp to the touch.

Q: How is professional cleaning different   to using a Rug Doctor?

A: There are combinations of methods profesional carpet cleaners use, which are proper water pressure, detergent dilution, water temperature. Whilst the Rug Doctor is a great product nothing compares to a professional experience that a professional carpet cleaner has. Such as excess water can shrink your carpet, less water will not achieve the desired results and leaving soap or detergent in the carpet during the process, this results in the carpet becoming dirtier faster.

Q: I vacuum regularly so why should I get my carpet professionally cleaned?

A: Think of it this way. You could shake out your favourite jumper, shirt or even bed linen, but you feel so much better about machine or hand washing them to know they’re really clean. It’s no different with carpets. They need regular washing!

Q: Just how eco-friendly are the cleaning preparations  Service King use?

A: In a word, very! The various ingredients are food grade therefore no toxic elements left after carpet cleaning.

Q: Is there anything I need to do before your cleaning technician arrives?

A: No, nothing. We’ll move tables, chairs, beds, etc. However because of risk of damage we don’t move television sets,electronics  anything over 25kg such as a piano.

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